How Repeat Clients Build Long Term Business Success in Real Estate

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just starting out, you’re probably acutely aware that finding new clients is a challenge. By building your business network through recommendations, not only do you target new clients, but you also nurture your relationships with existing clientele.

In this blog, Joe Caruana Curran, Branch Manager & Co-Franchise Owner at RE/MAX Executives, and Kerstin Camenzuli Calleja, Sales Associate at RE/MAX Executive, explains why building long-lasting relationships with clients are vital to your success in the long run.

Communicate To Repeat Success

There is never a guarantee that clients will return, so when they keep coming back, you know you’ve got a good thing going. By increasing your number of repeat customers, the likelihood of attracting new ones through referrals grows – giving you a semi-guaranteed income. What’s more, in every repeat transaction, each party knows what to expect, having worked with each other before. “Repeat clients are easier clients when closing the deal because you’ve already got a relationship with them” explains Joe. “A key factor in having repeat clients is trust between you and the client” Kerstin continues, “This is certainly the case in real estate because an investment in property is the biggest investment a person makes in their lifetime.

Consistent and effective communication fosters trust and a sense of security. By keeping clients in the loop, especially when problems arise, you show that you are being pro-active in bringing their success to fruition. Sometimes it simply comes down to planning regular catch-ups and being responsive to calls and emails.


Keep Clients Happy

The client should get what the client wants, but that’s not to say that you can’t expand their horizons by introducing previously unthought-of possibilities. “When clients have a dream, they usually have some cardinal requirements, such as location, outdoor space, style and views. That said, a good associate thinks outside the box to exceed expectations” says Joe.

Finding a dream home is already an unforgettable milestone, so it is the agent’s job to make sure the transaction runs as smoothly as possible. “We tailor the search and viewings to make them unforgettable experiences. The less stress, the better!

By going above and beyond, you will forge relationships that are more likely to stand the test of time. “We give a complete service using the 360-degree approach, meaning we take our clients’ feedback on board” explains Joe. “This is crucial to staying at the top of our industry.

Having the latest real estate knowledge and training is also critical,” continues Kerstin. “This is important for both the seller and the buyer. We remain up-to-date on things like taxation and fees to ensure that we benefit both parties.

Boost client recommendations

Customers return when you have added value to their lives and they want to repeat the experience. However, even loyal clients can be lost, so you must work hard to win and retain repeat business.

One way of engaging clients, motivating them to return and boosting their recommendations is by actively using social media. When existing or potential clients post questions online, advise them and give them a taste of the kind of service they would receive as your client. “Our associates use social media to interact with people who are interested in a property” says Kerstin. “When someone is starting their research into property, this expert advice helps. It builds trust and allows potential clients to experience what you do.

Testimonials are another way to get the word out. Requesting testimonials from existing clients shows that you value their custom, and using them in campaigns can boost referrals. One thing to keep in mind is that testimonials from high-profile clients should be highlighted because their recommendations carry more weight.

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